Japanese Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly, sound strange?

I do admit I was a skeptic, but when searching for japanese desserts this is one which kept coming up. Since I am a coffee fanatic (as we all know) it was something I knew I just had to try. You can use agar gel as the setting agent if you desire, but I had VegiGel on hand which works just as well.

Ingredients: (four servings)

- 30g ground, high-quality, coffee beans

- 500ml water

- 1 sachet (6g) VegiGel (or agar)

- 1tbsp sugar (if desired)

- soy milk, to serve

1. Brew coffee through a filter/french press with 500ml hot water. Once made, pour it into a pan onto a low heat.

2. Add the sugar and VegiGel, stirring continuously until it has all dissolved.

3. Working quickly, pour into a plastic container and chill in the fridge for 2hr (or until set).

4. Cut the coffee jelly into cubes when you are ready to serve. Distribute between glasses and pour over sweetened, chilled soy milk (vanilla is extra tasty).

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